The firm, which takes its name from its founder, Francesco Carrozza, has been providing legal, judicial and extrajudicial assistance for almost 100 years in all areas of civil, criminal and administrative law, both in Italy and abroad.

The professionals of the firm operate on the basis of the principles outlined by its founder and are committed to the constant effort to best satisfy the needs of the customers.

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The Corte di Cassazione, with the recent sentence n. 2241 of 28.01.2019 decided about civil responsibility in  road accidents in case of investment of a pedestrian crossing ...
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With the recent sentence n. 1518 of 21.01.2019, the VI Civil Section of the Corte di Cassazione affirmed that the party of a process that has the status of lawyer, in the cases in ...
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The Corte di Cassazione, with the recent ordinance n. 2997/2019, said that in the event of failure to sign the general conditions of the contract, the burden of proof weighs on ...
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