Our Studio

Firm's Policy

According to the founder's tradition, the firm operates for the following principles:

  • independence of the liberal profession respecting the professional rules (click here), the Code of Conduct for Italian and European Lawyers (see attachments) and the institutions that oversee the profession;
  • trust, reliability and competence;
  • in-depth and multidisciplinary study of judicial and extrajudicial issues.

Moreover  the firm is committed to the constant goal to better meet the needs of customers through: 

  • the widest availability and availability of all the components of the firm, with the constant support of a structure suitable to meet the various needs of customers;
  • the maximum confidentiality of the matters dealt with and the information obtained during the professional relationship;
  • the adoption of the most modern security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction of Personal Data in compliance with the privacy policy (see attachment);
  • assistance also outside the Italian state through collaboration with studies and correspondents in various parts of the world chosen from time to time among those most suited to the subjects to be treated;
  • the speed in resolving issues and timeliness in setting appointments to customers; the preparation of adequate resources and work procedures to support it in all phases of service delivery;
  • the utmost attention in the research and selection of lawyers and practitioners and of the staff of the firm;
  • the continuous and constant dedication of all the lawyers of the firm in following the clients in full compliance with the professional and deontological rules; the constant updating of lawyers, including through participation in conferences, seminars, in-depth courses;
  • the creation of a harmonious and efficient organizational structure and a serene, pleasant and familiar working environment and relationships based on seriousness, collaboration and mutual respect;
  • the use of the most modern technologies.