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The law firm Carrozza was founded in 1923 in Messina by the lawyer Francesco Carrozza.

Since its foundation, the firm has assisted national and international clients first under the guidance of the founder and then from the 70s under the guidance of sons Giovanni and Pietro Carrozza.

Nowadays the structure of the Firm consists of three Senior Partners and about 20 lawyers and collaborators specialized in the various areas of law, with extensive experience and selected with meticulous care also for their organizational skills, flexibility and availability.

The organization of the firm, in addition to the main office of Via Cesare Battisti in Messina, the one in Barcelona P.G. (ME) and that of Via Etnea in Catania, in the constant goal to provide its customers with the best quality in professional services, has been structured with new operational and representative offices, in collaboration with Partner Offices, in Milan, Rome, New York, Boston and Shanghai provided the most modern information tools.

During all that period, the firm has created a network of relationships between some of the leading Italian and foreign lawyers that allows the structure to share experiences and identify the best solutions for customers in order to perpetrate a culture of professional excellence in the various sectors where lawyers they operate each with their own specializations.

The Carrozza lawyers have also dedicated themselves to the "Avvocatura", covering over time both the lawyer Francesco, who is his son Pietro and today his nephew Carlo, the posts of Councilor, Treasurer, Secretary and President of the Board of Lawyers of Messina, delegate to the National Forensic Fund and members of commissions to the National Council of Forensics.

The lawyer Carlo has also held the position of President and various national and local offices in the Italian Association of Young Lawyers, he was Secretary of the Board of the AIGA «Tommaso Bucciarelli» Foundation and President of the Arbitration Studies Office and of the Joint Commission AIGA-Foundation -CNF-Ministry for the preparation of a draft law on ADR.

He is a legal advisor to various foreign companies and foundations and to the European Union Association Board at the United Nations in New York.

In addition, the Carrozza lawyers have held and still hold positions as Chairman or member of Arbitration Boards and in the Board of Companies and Foundations.