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Avv. Francesco Carrozza

He was born in Santa Lucia del Mela on 3 June 1899.

Founder of the Law firm Carrozza, literary writer.

Magister in utroque iure.

He carried out the profession with supreme excellence in all areas of law.

Exalted civil attorney, brilliant criminal lawyer.

Founded in 1917 together with Quasimodo and La Pira "The new literary newspaper".

Futurist poet, a great friend of Marinetti, took part in the editing of the manifesto of futurism together with his friend Ruggero Vasari.

Father and exemplary husband

He died in Messina in 1983.


Avv. Giovanni Carrozza Vasari

He was born in Messina on 1931.

He dedicated his professional life to criminal defense, achieving excellence from both the doctrinal and the procedural point of view.

Pure criminal lawyer, Master in prayer and in the sciences of rhetoric, he loved to read and comment on the great harangue with his study colleagues. 

Free aim, an attentive psychologist of the situations of life, together with his brother Pietro, has made the Law firm Carrozza become one of the best law firms in Sicily, maintaining the tradition of self-denial and sacrifice of the Father.

He died in 2013.