Our Studio

International Vocation

Thanks to the new generations, and in particular to Carlo Carrozza, Studio Carrozza is acquiring an international vocation.
The Firm, in fact, has been structured with new operational and representative offices, in collaboration with Partner Offices, in Milan, Rome, New York, Boston and Shanghai and is able to carry out its activities outside the national borders and provide its customers with rapid and integrated assistance on issues of a transnational nature.

In fact, the firm assists both Italian and foreign private individuals who have personal and commercial interests abroad and in Italy, and Italian and foreign companies to internationalize and relocate.
As for individuals, the Firm supports citizens in all the personal or commercial dynamics of life: by way of example, in transnational successions, in cases of marriages between citizens of different states; in problems related to immigration, in the event of transnational bankruptcy, in disputes relating to purchases to the Internet, etc.

With reference to the companies, the firm, in particular in the new Catania office, is able to offer, then, a fundamental added value in the internationalization processes, putting at the service of the companies a qualified information, consulting and operational support also abroad .
The Studio Carrozza professional is, today, a global consultant of the company, able to accompany it beyond national borders and to be a full partner as a trusted partner in the development strategies to face the challenges and changes that for some time now they have been investing the business world.

The firm, also assisted by other specialized professionals, is able to meet the needs of companies in the most diverse areas, ranging from market analysis to business planning, from the relevant legislation (framework agreements, sector agreements, etc.) to international contracts and company law, the protection of intellectual property, from e-commerce in all its regulatory aspects to international taxation to strategic alliances with other companies, addressing issues that also concern the employment of employees and the related organizational aspects , the system of international receipts and payments, loans and subsidies, both regional, national and community.

By way of example, the Firm offers services of: legal domiciliation in Italy and abroad; market analysis of the commodity sectors of interest; assistance abroad with the administrative authorities for the eventual request and release of licenses and / or authorizations; bank assistance; drafting of international commercial contracts for import-export operations and for participation in trade fairs, events and missions.
The international experience of the study, by way of example, includes:

  • Assistance to Italian company in transnational contention with Libyan oil companies;
  • Assistance to an American University in a judgment concerning the opening of a branch in Italy;
  • Creayion of trusts for Italian and foreign citizens;
  • Legal assistance for Italian and European investors, citizens and companies in the field (China, USA, Europe);
  • Representation of a Swiss company for financing offers with major Italian institutions;
  • Tax planning for American citizens with interests in Italy;
  • Sale of shares and investments in Italian and foreign companies or mergers / mergers of Italian companies;
  • Drafting of international contracts in the most varied sectors;
  • Assistance to foreign foundations and international associations or organizations;

Always with an international perspective, the lawyer Carlo Carrozza has, with a non-exhaustive list, the role of:

- Legal Advisor for European Union Association Board, at United Nation, New York;
- Legal Advisor for AIIK (Industrial Association Italy-Kenia);
- Legal Advisor and member of Technical Committee for Socio-Economic Development of AIIA (Industrial Association Italy-Angola);
- Legal Advisor for  "The Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund”, London;
- Legal Advisor for Member of European Parlament.