Practice Areas

The lawyer Sergio deals in particular with the issues related to Maritime Law in general and to Aeronautical Law, with particular regard to the theme of "Aeronautical Investigations".

Avv. Angela Sergio


Enrolled in the Register of Lawyers of Messina since 2014.



Graduated in Law at the University of Messina on July 22, 2010 with the final mark of 110 and honors / 110 and with a thesis in criminal law entitled "Corruption Crimes".



Collaborates with the Law Firm Carrozza from October 2010.

Research Doctorate at the University of Messina (Elio Fanara University Center for Transport Studies "Elio Fanara" - CUST Euromed) as part of the Research Doctorate Course, XXVI cycle, in private juridical sciences: civil law, labor law, law of navigation and transport - Curriculum Law of Navigation and Transport - from October 2010.

He carries out studies and research in the Law of Navigation and Transport, with particular regard to the Aeronautical Law relating to the topic "Aeronautical surveys".



Assistant in the examinations of the Law of Navigation, International Law, International Law of Navigation, Law of Aeronautics and Law of the European Union, in the Department of Law and Transport Law and Law of Logistics and Transport, at the Faculty of Economics of University of Messina.

He collaborated in the preparation and presentation of the research projects indicated below: FIRB 2012 on "Models of government of mobility, protection of competition and rights of users in transport from and between the islands and the marginal territories of Mediterranean Europe"; FIRB 2012 on "Liberalization and privatization of the transport market: infrastructure regime, provision of services and protection of competition in domestic law and the European Union"; PRIN 2012 on "Responsibility in socio-technical systems".

During the PhD, he participated in numerous seminars and conferences.



In March 2012 he drafted the article "Safety Requirements for Fishing Vessels", for the book which contains the results of the PRA Interdisciplinary Research 2005 of the University of Messina on the theme "Sustainable development of maritime transport in the Mediterranean" - in press course.

In July 2012, he drew up a brief opinion on the proposed amendments to the jurisdictional profiles of the 1963 Tokyo Convention on offenses and other acts committed on board aircraft, the text of which is currently being examined by the International Civil Aviation Organization for a review and modernization.






Born in Messina on 09/04/1984