Avv. Pietro Carrozza

The lawyer Pietro Carrozza was born in Messina on 13.6.1933.
He graduated in Law on 16.11.1955 at the University of Messina with 110/110 cum laude, presenting a thesis in Philosophy of Law ("The concept of animus in law").
He published in 1958, publisher Giuffrè, on the Sicilian Jurisprudence, a paper entitled "Still on the modate comfort".
He is registered in the Register of Lawyers of Messina since 10.1.1958.
He is qualified to practice before the Superior Magistrates from 27.5.1972.
He practiced continuously the profession of lawyer both before the Magistrates of merit and before the Superior Magistracies, dealing mainly with civil law issues, including public and private tenders.
He has been a member of several Arbitration Boards, both as a part referee and as Chairman;
He was Counselor of the Board of Lawyers of Messina from 1992 to February 2001.
He was Chairman of the Council of the Board of Lawyers of Messina from February 2001 to February 2002.