Corporate Internationalization

Modelli, Strumenti e Supporti per l'Internazionalizzazione di Impresa 

Models, Tools and Support for Enterprise Internationalization


At a time when the role and the skills of the professional figures of the lawyer and the accountant are changing and expanding and the small and medium-sized enterprises are looking for growth and outlet channels abroad, the Conference, organized by Ordine Avvocati Messina, Order Accountants Messina, Sincindustria Messina and Sintesi Business Newtork, under the patronage of the University of Messina, which will be held on April 27 at 15:00 in the Aula Magna of the Court of Appeal of Messina, is proposed:

1) to analyze the weight and the role of the professional in the process of internationalization of companies;

2) to open a debate on opportunities for economic operators to redefine their development strategies.


Introduced and moderated by the lawyer Carlo Carrozza

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