Civil Law - Litigation

Thanks to its tradition and culture, thanks to the specific and diversified but complementary skills of the professional team, the Firm offers assistance and judicial and extrajudicial multidisciplinary consultancy, and in particular in the following sectors:

- bonds and contracts;

- commercial and corporate law;

- real property and rights;

- contractual and extra-contractual responsibilities (professionals, companies, individuals);

- disputes of an inheritance nature, donation and trust;

- family law (causes of separation and divorce, custody of minors, protection and curatorship, family patrimonial regime, cohabitation contracts, preparation of documentation of voluntary jurisdiction).

The experience of the professionals allows the Firm to provide high quality standards in assistance and defense, in every state and degree of judgment before any judiciary, ordinary or special, civil, criminal, accounting and administrative, as well as procedures national and international arbitration.

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